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Tony Zehring Sr., 60; A resident of Northern Nevada for 34 years. "I was very fortunate growing up in a family of professional photographers. My Father, Robert Zehring, a retired Lt. Col. in the U.S. Air Force, was an award winning free lance stock photographer. I learned most of what I know about composition and nature photography from him. My Uncle (his brother) Gene Zehring Sr. was a professional studio photographer doing weddings, portraits, as well as nature and landscapes. He was the original owner/founder of Zehring Studios of Creative Photograghy in Mishawaka, IN. Although he is rertired, the studio (under diffrent ownership) is still in business today. Little wonder how I ended up loving photography as I do. I was also fortunate because of my father's career in the military to have seen a good portion of this beautiful world; which was a major contribution to the appreciation I have for this fantastic planet and all our God has created. What a great experience to try and capture and share the beauty of creation in all it's miraculous expression. Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy the photos, I welcome your comments". Email me

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